The realm of Avelion has been enduring a time of war and upset; or so you’ve heard. Those of age have been conscripted to the military in a fight for the survival of the races; leaving their families displaced and disorganized. In an effort to preserve the future of the race’s respective species, the children of the land were sent far away from the front-lines for their protection. A number of orphanages were established to accommodate them.

The orphans journey is a perilous one; moving from place to place, wishing that a mother or father will return to regain semblance of a previous life; doing your own laundry and making uncomfortable connections with people you’ve never met.

Luckily, someone is looking out for you. Through family connections or delicate observation for your talents, you’ve been selected to relocate to Gracia fields; on orphanage known to spare no expense investing in the upbringing and comfort of it’s inhabitants.

Gracia Fields

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