In the beginning

The realm of Avelion has endured and lost an experienced past; the history manipulated through word of mouth and temple tenants. It is written that the 7 temples were once home to virtuous gods that protected the land, but they disappeared one by one without notice. It was then that the surface dwellers learned what it was to be vulnerable.

The Great Scourge followed; with the temple gods absent, the all too reliant populace had no one in whom to seek guidance but themselves and their neighbors. They could not pray for bountiful crops or safety, nor for their dead; a great many died from famine or natural disaster.The fear caused a distrust among the populace- particularly the elves.

The lack of divine protections proliferated a decline in agriculture and the well-being for so many; that inevitably would turn their heads to request aid from the oldest race in Regus. It was an aid not even the Elves had the ability to give. Subsequently many temples soon-after became occupied by the Denizens of Olin Taure.

One Elf in particular, Illuvitar Anguis, was able to harness a temple’s power but soon succumbed to a madness that led him to instigating prolonged battles and the assassination of a dwarven ambassador. Humans and Dwarves alike attribute Elves with the mysterious downfall of the temples- until Caelora.

Caelora was an Elven City- Located across the sea from the Dwarves at Iron Home and the Humans settled in CharneWood; It was a city that celebrated arts and entertainment unlike any other; travelling troupes of merchants and musicians frequented it as often as the diverse tourists it attracted.. some all too diverse.

“On the night they all forgot,

the shortened day as sun was blot,
among the fields they used to reap,
came the horrors time to creep,

Shut eyes or ears it did not fend,
the horrors came to feast and rend,
they came in spite of unspoken laws,
pouring in with teeth an claws.

Once again the sun showed through,
before the darkest hours drew,
A sight that those who saw was grand,
Gauldimir’s children from the land."

-Stron Esterbul self-proclaimed bard.

In the beginning

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